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Bickleigh Castle is steeped in magic, mystery and enchantment – something that certainly appealed to owners Robbie and Sarah Hay when they first set eyes on it over a decade ago. As a unique Devon wedding venue, couples and their loved ones come together to make the Castle and surroundings their home for the duration of their stay. We can arrange an indoor or outdoor wedding, and cater for an intimate occasion with canapés or a full-scale fine dining experience. Bickleigh Castle provides the perfect setting for your special event.

Meet the Team

Our meticulous, dedicated team will help you create the wedding of your dreams. We will be available each step of the way – from initial consultation and booking, right up to the wedding day.
The head chef – a master of culinary finesse – can advise you on the creation of your menu and assist with any ideas you may have for your wedding day cuisine. We have a fine selection of example menus on our food and drinks page.

Discover more about the magic and splendour of Bickleigh Castle and call us on 01884 855 363 or email info@bickleighcastle.com.

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Some interesting facts about Bickleigh Castle

  • Bickleigh Castle is a stone’s throw from the bridge that – according to local legend – is where Simon and Garfunkel penned their classic hit ‘Bridge over troubled water’ in 1969.
  • National figure and local ‘Robin Hood’, Bampfylde Moore Carew, aka ‘King of the Beggars’, whose mischiefs were captured in books such as Vanity Fair, is buried in an unmarked grave at Bickleigh Church and recorded in the Parish Register of 1758.
  • There is a secret, completely sealed, room next to the Armoury – it is currently one of the Castle’s mysteries – what is inside? Lord Lucan? Gold? Secrets of the Crown? Perhaps we will find out one day.
  • The Chapel was originally a Saxon meeting house, first built in the 6th Century, and was the parish church until the 1400s, after which it was the estate chapel. During the 19th Century it was used as a cattle shed, before being restored in 1929. It was reconsecrated in 1933 by the Bishop of Exeter.
  • There is an original suit of armour made for and worn by King Charles I. It came to Bickleigh when Queen Henrietta Maria visited as a guest of Sir Henry Carew and is from her baggage train which stayed behind when she had to leave the country.
  • The main character in the BBC drama series White Queen, Margaret Beaufort, mother of King Henry VII, had a great-aunt of the same name who resided at Bickleigh Castle in the 1400s.
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