Top tips for planning your Devon wedding



First thing’s first, congratulations on your engagement! You’ve made a great decision by choosing the beautiful county of Devon for your wedding, but what’s next? Bickleigh Castle offer a range of bespoke wedding packages to suit all tastes and our warm, intimate location will leave you feeling enchanted. Here’s a few top tips for planning your perfect wedding day:

Get inspired

Whether you’ve been planning this day since you were five or you’ve not given it much thought yet, let yourself dream about what it is you really want from your big day. A luxurious castle wedding? Rustic and laid back? Elegant and vintage? Or glamorous and sexy? Having a look at wedding blogs is a great way to get inspired, find ideas and help you hone in on your personal wedding style, and collecting pictures you love along the way will help in communicating your vision to other people.

Set your budget

The sensible, boring job – sorry. But you need to have accurate idea of your available budget before you start anything else. How else will you make sure you have enough money for your dream dress left over? Our dedicated wedding co-ordinator will discuss your needs and requirements, and suggest the best way to make your dream wedding a reality.

Choose your venue

Bickleigh Castle offer a range of stunning venues, whether you have your heart set on a magical castle, a beautiful thatched chapel, or an elegant outdoor wedding set in the picturesque Devon countryside. While a quick browse on the internet can offer some insight, you really need to put aside time to visit potential locations and get a real feel for their individual atmospheres. You’ll know the right venue when you find it.

Set the date

Do you want a romantic winter wedding? Or a beautiful summer celebration? Or perhaps your perfect venue only has one available date so you’re just going to go for that one! Either way, the date is the first thing you need to have in place before you can start planning anything else.

Make a plan

Now’s the time to start getting down to the nitty gritty. Bickleigh Castle have a dedicated wedding co-ordinator to take care of all the individual elements including food, flowers, music, photographer and all the little details that make your big day unique to you. We will create a bespoke package tailored to your needs and take care or all the organization.

Invite your guests

This is often the most stressful wedding job so brace yourself! Family politics, venue limitations, or budget constraints can all make for some tough decisions. Talk it through with your partner as much as you can, and try to remember this is YOUR day, the most important thing is that you’re happy. Everyone else will get over it.

The dress

The fun bit! Enlist your bridesmaids and/or mum and try on dresses in every style. Make sure you try some you would never consider choosing, as you’d be surprised how many brides end up loving a wedding dress they never imagined they would.

Hire the right people

Choosing the right people can make or break your wedding day. That’s why Bickleigh Castle offer the services of a dedicated wedding co-ordinator to take care of all the arrangements. We have a long list of trusted individuals and suppliers who we can rely on to help make your wedding day a success.

Remember the weather

Devon is a place of unrivalled beauty come rain or shine, but while the weather on the English Riviera is the best in the UK, it’s still the UK. You definitely need a rainy day contingency plan. Don’t gamble on the biggest day of your life; a backup plan takes the stress out of the weather. If it’s glorious sunshine then amazing – if not, you’re covered.

And finally…

Don’t get bogged down with the details. Try and remember what your wedding is really all about – celebrating how happy you and your partner make each other, and sharing the huge commitment you’re making to each other with your loved ones. Bickleigh Castle offer bespoke wedding packages to suit all tastes and will take every step to ensure your wedding day is the best day of your life! Call 01884 855363 or contact us online to speak to our wedding co-ordinator and take the first steps towards your dream Devon wedding.