Choosing The Perfect Wedding Flowers for your Devon Wedding


When picturing your wedding day, bigger items like the dress can take centre stage in your mind, but don’t let that stop you from remembering the little details (which are pretty important too!)

All the factors of a wedding make the big day special, from the venue down to the flowers and fine points like the wedding stationery – it all adds up to contribute to one of the most memorable days of your life. Here you can find out how to select the perfect flowers for your Devon wedding.

What is the theme of your Devon wedding venue?

Whether you’re dreaming of a rustic outdoor wedding with white arches and putting-style green grass or you envisage a classic indoor church ceremony with grand ceilings – your florist will be able to advise you accordingly, depending on your theme, venue and dress colour.

There’s a lot to remember and less important items can get shoved to the bottom of the list, but it’s wise to remember details such as, how the flowers will photograph – which may alter your colour or sizing choices. Think about it, do you want a massive bouquet that could potentially crowd the photos or have you considered a smaller bunch?

Whether you’re after a simple bouquet or you’re looking to match your personal flowers with the venue decor, there are a number of factors to consider when it comes to selecting your dream bunch…

Do you want to match the flowers with your wedding theme?

Whether you’re opting for a vintage-style vibe with cream lace and pastel shades or you’re going for something more vibrant with bolder colours, you can choose to match your flowers accordingly or select something completely different to the theme. You could even select them before picking out your dress – they just might give you a little inspiration!

Whatever your vision, you don’t have to go down the demure white roses route, go as bold or as simple as you like. Consider every detail of your upcoming event, down to the seating and the place cards, it all contributes to making the day unique for YOU.

Top tip: Ask your florist which flowers are likely to wilt, depending on the length of your wedding, you don’t want their appearance to deteriorate too quickly – unless they’re artificial of course!

How to personalise your wedding flowers

Your bouquet can be as vibrant or as dainty as you’d like, many people select their flowers based on meanings that may be close to the heart. Here’s a few examples of what specific flowers can symbolise…

  • Freesias – Spirited
  • Heather – Solitude
  • Iris – Inspiration
  • Orchid – Delicate Beauty
  • White Roses – Charm & Innocence

Or you can go by colour meaning…..

  • Purple – Imagination
  • Magenta – Emotional Balance
  • Gold – Triumph & Achievement
  • Pink – Unconditional Love
  • Yellow – Comfort

Selecting colour doesn’t have to be done with meaning in mind. Playing with shades and tones adds a creative touch to your wedding day and daring colours like reds and oranges create an explosion of colour and really manage to stand out (especially against a white dress!) There’s no right or wrongs when it comes to your wedding flowers.

Our venue

Bickleigh Castle is situated in the beautiful countryside and offers stunning indoor and outdoor Devon weddings. Home to elegant lawns, exclusive outdoor space and seating of up to 120 guests, our venue is a grand, romantic castle. Looking to share the magic with couples from all over the world, we hold large scale celebrations, which are ideal due to the rich history and captivating settings. Everyone can enjoy your perfect day at Bickleigh Castle.

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