Carry Ons at the Castle

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On Sunday the 19th of May the programme “Carry On’s at the Castle” was aired on National television. In Mid 2018 we allowed filming to take place under the agreement that the film would show the complexities and challenges facing a luxury historic venue in the 21st Century. We are proud of our wonderful venue and have successfully delivered over …

Featured in Muddy Stilettos

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We have been lucky enough have a feature in Muddy Stilettos to read the article please click here or read below: Bickleigh Castle “Ding Dong” Here’s what they said” If you’ve never quite managed to shake the childhood dream of a fairytale wedding, then how about an actual castle, with actual turrets? Gloriously secluded pocket of Devon countryside Bickleigh Castle …

Tudor Ball at Bickleigh Castle – Tatler Magazine

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Late one Saturday night, Lord Fellowes of West Stafford and Lady Hutchinson took a torchlight stroll to the Great Hall of Bickleigh Castle, where they discovered Lady Mountbatten enjoying pigeon pie and Christina Hill Williams (a former High Sheriff of Berkshire) admiring Lachlan MacKinnon’s decadent robes. Had they gone back in time to the days of Henry VIII? Almost. The …

Tudor Ball – Devon Life Magazine

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Bickleigh Castle was transformed back to its roots for a Tudor Ball hosted by owners Robert and Sarah Hay to celebrate their tenth anniversary as owners of the castle. Guest of honour for the ball was Lord Julian Fellowes, writer of the television series Downton Abbey and an Oscar winner for his screenplay for Gosford Park.

Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes reveals wedding secret at Tudor Ball

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The owners of a historic Devon castle have celebrated ten years in residence with a Tudor Ball attended by Downton Abbey creator Lord Julian Fellowes. Guests in Tudor costume packed the Great Hall at Bickleigh Castle on Saturday night as Sarah and Robert Hay marked a decade of hard work restoring and running the riverside estate, parts of which date …

Happily Ever After

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Ross literally fell for the girl next door when Hayley moved into the house next to him. “He helped me to move some furniture one day, and we were pretty much inseparable from that day on,” explains Hayley. “He gradually made the short move across the front lawn and in to live with me, bit by bit, before we bought …

Love In Lavender

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Wendy and Mick first met over 20 years ago, but their lives drifted in different directions and they lost touch for over a decade. Bickleigh Castle proved the perfect setting for the big family bash the couple envisioned. “Bickleigh Castle is the most magical, romantic setting for a Devon wedding and once we had seen it nowhere else would do!” …

A Spanish Flavor

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Rachel and Nico first met at a friend’s 40th birthday party, and a Christmas Day proposal followed. Some Spanish flavour! The Spanish-born Nico and Rachel, who has links to Devon, wanted to bring a European twist to their romantic English castle wedding. “We decided we wanted to get married in England but we loved the way that the wedding celebrations …

Castle of Dreams

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How did you meet? And tell us about your first date! Ben and l met about six years ago through a mutual friend. He was a manager of a bar l frequented and we met properly one evening there, sparks flew and the rest is history! Our first ‘official’ date was pretty low key; l think we went for a …

In An English Country Garden

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Yrsa and David met on the Newcastle set of drama ‘Close and True’ Yrsa and David met on the Newcastle set of drama ‘Close and True’, starring Robson Green; Yrsa was working as an assistant art director and David as a freelance camera grip. Although David proposed three years later, after their first child had been born, the couple didn’t …